A good educational institute is made of good teachers and students, and then it is further strengthened by standard teaching pedagogy as well of standard syllabi and curriculum. In our school both curriculum and teaching schedules are designed in such a way that students are always relaxed when they are put to shift from one subject to other. Our teachers are not only equipped with modern IT based teaching- learning technology but also are inclined to mentor all the students with a feeling of personalized attention. Co-Curricular activities, Celebration of all the ‘Days and Festivals’ of national importance, sports activities and participation in in-house and external scientific and academic debates have been an integral components of round the year academic calendar. This has ensured the integrated and dynamic personality development of our students. The parents are always been a most valuable part of the good education system. Giving due weightage to this fact we have made a provision of keeping them informed about the progress of their child by using an appropriate social media platform. We have kept our doors open for all kinds of constructive suggestions and seek cooperation from the guardians/parents regarding their active participation in exchange of communications in between them and school management.


Mrs. Ragini Verma