Admission Procedure

  1. Admission will be done only after an entrance test, depending on the vacancies available.
  2. Student seeking admission is required to submit T.C. along with a xerox copy of progress card.
  3. Any student leaving the school in the middle of the academic session will have to pay the fees for the full term.
  4. At the time of admission in
    NUR/LKG/UKG the parents must submit the original birth certificate of
    the child (which will be handedover) along with a xerox copy.
  5. Three passport size photographs
    should be submitted to the school at the time of admission, one for the
    student diary, one for the school records, and the third for the
    identity card.
  6. The Administration reserves the
    right to disallow any admission even after selection in the interest of
    the student and the institution. At the time of interview, the parents
    are required to be present along with the child seeking admission.