Ever since ages we have a rich heritage of cultural values. To propagate those values in our society and to humanity at global level, education is the best medium. With this aim Ashutosh Memorial Trust was established. Ashutosh Memorial School is one venture from among various multifarious activities of the trust. Through Ashutosh Memorial School we have envisaged to inculcate ethical, moral and cultural values in the children, specifically coming from villages and rural areas. The mandate of both the trust and the school, is to groom our next generation in such a way that when they come at the stage of ready to serve the society, they are not only bearing the ocean of innate human values but also full of patriotic enthusiasm . It is our commitment for the future, that we shall not leave any stone unturned for the cause of value based social reconstruction and nurturing the upcoming citizens of society with positive zeal and feeling of selflessness. I wish and extend all good wishes for the new height of success in their academic endeavor.

Prof. J P N Mishra

Ex. Professor and Dean

School of life sciences, Central University of Gujarat, Gujrat

Currently Registrar

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Hyderabad