It was envisaged to establish an educational institution which may cater the need of providing modern education imbibed with innate human values. Ashutosh Memorial Public School is a dream come true for all those who aspire for good education and integrated development of personality of their children. The school is driven by its vision of achieving excellence in providing basic education to our kids through knowledge skills and values, which will lead to the making of responsive and committed future citizen of our motherland. The school endeavours to set a new benchmark in teaching up to primary, upper primary and senior secondary level for creation of new generation of assets, who will in future, work for the creation of healthy, happy and prosperous society.


Ashutosh Memorial Public School is also committed to its mission of providing opportunities, occasions and avenues for access to contemporary quality education to empower the children with courage and zeal. Through the School we mean to serve the society and nation by serving our public and making them empowered, skilled, proud and patriotic citizen of the country.


Dr. Girish Kumar Pandey


Ashutosh Memorial School